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Our garage closet offers you your best shot at organizing your garden and yard tools. If you are a handy person, we have special offers for you, including hanging rods and cabinets, to keep whatever tools you work with.

With special bike hangers, you never have to worry about space for things you seldom use. We offer solutions that bring order to your space.

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Utility Garage Storage

Creating a dedicated space for your gardening equipment is simple with a Utility Storage cabinet. There are a wide variety of hooks in many forms and sizes to suit your needs.

Garage Countertops & Work Surfaces

Make the most of your garage storage cabinets by adding an extraordinary work surface. The Butcher Block countertop or an impact-coating industrial table is particularly eye-catching.

Garage Accessories

Creating a custom storage solution for your garage can be challenging on your own, but Closet Zone's Garage Storage Accessories can fulfill any special requirement! From bikes to sports gear to gardening equipment to handyman equipment, everything can be corralled using custom storage solutions.

Rich Garage Cabinet Color

With any project, you can choose from 54 different colors to create the appearance of your own garage cabinet.

High Quality Material

Our garage cabinets are designed to last for years thanks to quality materials and hardware. Our dovetailed birch drawer boxes are guaranteed for life.

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We manufacture all our walk-in closets in the United States to maintain the high American standard of quality, to keep jobs, to keep up with the high delivery standards, and to keep costs down.

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We have over 21 years of experience in the industry and can provide you with a closet system that is perfect for your needs.

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We offer unique design solutions that will perfectly suit your needs.

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We are excited to keep providing the best of service to our 5000+ previous clients who have left five-star reviews!

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We use high-quality custom closet materials and craftmanship, and stand behind every system we design and manufacture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Building an attached garage can and will increase the value of your home. The cost of building an attached garage is around $27,000, according to Pocket Sense. An 81% increase in resale value or an increase of $21,000 is common.

Make sure to continue reading if you’re interested in learning about garage cabinets. Here you’ll find detailed explanations of the different materials used to create these cabinets, helping you decide which ones are right for you.

  • Powder-Coated
    Powder-coated cabinet finishes are the most common type of garage cabinet you’d install. Even if you’re the sort of person who lives in your cabinets looking for woodworking or metalworking supplies or equipment to repair your car, your powder-coated cabinets may handle it.
  • Matte
    There are still various other garage cabinet types to investigate, such as those with a matte finish. The more so quick and simple maintenance is valued with these cabinets, if you prefer simplicity. These cabinets may very well suit your needs. Cleaning these cabinets is simple and quick. You don’t require strong detergent or soap to clean them up. If you get lost in one of your favorite hobbies and your cabinets get dirty (or extremely so), you can clean them quickly in a few minutes. These cabinets are extremely durable.
  • Wood-Grain
    Wood-grain cabinets are excellent if you want to inject some warmth into your garage rather than stick to mild colors. These cabinets, which combine classic elegance with traditionalness, offer excellent storage capacity and durability without skimping on the former or the latter.

In spite of the fact that a cluttered garage is a great place to store things, don’t let it become an all-purpose dumping ground. Donna Smallin Kuper, an organizing and cleaning expert, urges folks to make a list of what they own and get rid of anything they don’t need.

“People store most of the stuff they keep in their garage because they no longer want it in their day-to-day life,” she says. “Therefore, they take it out of their house—out of sight, out of mind—and it’s stored there.”

Know the three rules of thumb for appropriate garage storage while editing your possessions: Items that can be harmed by extreme or fluctuating temperatures, items that can be harmed by moisture and humidity, and hazardous materials that can damage your home should not be stored.

Installing garage cabinets can boost the functionality and attractiveness of any garage. Besides providing extra storage space, they come in a variety of sleek designs. Before deciding to install garage cabinets, homeowners must consider the expense.

Cabinets can range in price tremendously, from as little as $250 for basic garage door cabinets to as much as $5,000 for high-end brands. We will discuss the most frequent factors that influence the expense of garage cabinets—material, number of cabinets, colour, depth, and accessories—in the following sections.

You have a garage and you know it. Whether it’s because of your house or just because of the fact that everyone has one, garages come in handy. And if you’re anything like us, your garage is probably overflowing with stuff you don’t know where to put anymore. That’s why it’s time to get organized, right? Your garage is probably full of things you don’t need anymore and there are so many other places you could put them besides your garage. Storing your extra stuff in the right place can help keep your home neat and clean. So here are some benefits you get from having a storage cabinet for your garage:

You’ll Have Space for New Stuff
If you’re like most people, you have tons of things that you don’t really need anymore. And as long as you’re not selling or donating these things, there’s no reason to get rid of them. So why not just put them in a storage cabinet? You can keep the things you need, such as your camping gear, sports equipment, and winter clothes, in a cabinet. This way, you won’t have to deal with the mess that usually comes with storing these things in just one area of the house. You can also store items in your garage that can replace new things that are on their way. For example, if you had an upcoming birthday or you’re moving into a bigger place, you can put things in your garage to save some space right now.

It’ll Be Neater
If you have a well-organized garage, chances are you have a neat home. When you have less stuff around, you’re able to get to the things you need much faster. That also means that one day you’ll be able to take advantage of the organization system in your home so you can find what you want and when you want to. It doesn’t make sense to keep an entire garage full of stuff that you don’t need and can’t use. When you have a cabinet in your garage, you’ll be able to get rid of things that are cluttering up other spaces in your home, such as in the basement or attic. This will leave more space in each room.

You’ll Save Money on Storage Fees
This may come as a surprise, but professional storage also costs money. Even if you have your own storage unit, that still has its costs. If you have to hire someone to store things in your garage, you probably won’t be able to save much money on the costs. That’s because the costs for professional storage are higher due to the additional security and insurance that is needed. And if you’re storing valuable or perishable items in your garage, you’ll want to make sure that you’re covered. Luckily, popular cabinet storage for garages is much cheaper than other forms of professional storage.

It’ll Encourage Organized Living
No matter how much you try to tackle clutter in your home, you’ll probably always have a few items that are too messy to put away. That’s why it’s important to try to keep your home as clutter-free as possible. When you have a storage cabinet in your garage, you can use it to store items that are too dirty or damaged to be used again. This will allow you to keep your garage as clean as possible and it’ll also help you stay organized. Plus, you’ll be able to access your items quickly and easily. If you have a messy garage, you’ll be glad to know that you can store items in your garage cabinets, which will keep your garage organized and clean as well.

Storing your extra stuff in the right place can help keep your home neat and clean. And having a cabinet in your garage is one of the best ways to do it. When you have a garage storage cabinet, you’ll be able to get rid of things that are cluttering up other spaces in your home, such as in the basement or attic. This will leave more space in each room and you’ll save money on storage fees. You’ll also be able to stay organized and find things much easier. There are many benefits to keeping your extra stuff in a garage cabinet, so don’t be afraid to invest in one.

Do you have limited storage space in your garage? Are you looking for creative ways to store items, so they don’t take up much floor space? Do you want to ensure your valuables are secure from prying eyes? A garage storage unit is what you need. We will discuss some tips for maximizing your wall storage space.

What is a garage storage unit?
A garage storage unit is a type of wall storage that can be attached to the walls of your garage. They are essentially shelves that you can connect to the wall of your garage to store items like lawn and garden equipment, sporting equipment, bikes, and more. These units are an excellent option for homeowners with limited storage space or who want to store items quickly in a tight space. You can also use garage storage units to keep your valuable items such as antiques, collectibles, or artwork out of sight and secure from prying eyes.

Storage ideas for your wall storage unit
These days, tools like weed eaters, leaf blowers, and other power tools are very lightweight and portable. Therefore, you can use them in the storage unit of your garage. You can also use this space for outdoor equipment like bikes, furniture, and other outdoor toys. You can also use it to store other items like sports equipment, snowboards, skis, and bikes. A wall storage unit can also be a great way to store items you don’t use often. For example, you can use it to store items such as outdoor equipment, bicycles, and sports equipment.

What you need to know before buying a storage unit
-Types of wall storage units: There are two main types of wall storage units – Indoor and Outdoor. Indoor wall storage units are generally fitted inside your garage. You can buy ready-made units or build your using lumber. Outdoor wall storage units are typically fitted outside your garage. They are made from wood, metal, or other durable materials. – Size of your garage: The size of your garage plays a significant role in deciding which type of wall storage unit you should buy. Essentially, the more you store and are willing to pay, the larger the unit should be. – Budget: The cost of the storage unit is one of the things that should weigh heavily in your mind before buying one. Generally, you should buy the best wall storage unit that offers the best value for your money. – Capacity: This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a wall storage unit. Choose one that can fit at least 80% of the items you want to store.

8 Benefits of Having a Storage Unit in Your Garage
– Increase your storage capacity: With a garage storage unit, you can increase the storage capacity of your garage. The more you store, the less room you will have in your home. The large wall storage unit will decrease the space in your living quarters. – Easily store items: With a garage storage unit, you can easily store items like outdoor equipment, lawn, and garden equipment, sports equipment, bikes, and more. You don’t have to bend down or climb a high shelf to reach the items you want to store. – Maximize floor space: The most important reason to buy a wall storage unit is to maximize your floor space in your garage. A wall storage unit can be placed in your garage or a separate homeroom. – Secure your valuables: If you have valuable items such as antiques, collectibles, and artwork, you can store them in your garage wall storage unit. You can use it as a security measure to ensure that they are not stolen or stolen from prying eyes. – Create more functional space: If you have limited space in your garage, a wall storage unit can create more functional space. The wall storage unit can be used as a bench, a coffee table, or to store other items. – Create a more pleasant atmosphere in your home: Many people buy a garage storage unit because it makes their garage more pleasant and usable. You can use the ample space for various purposes, such as storing items, displaying items like sports memorabilia, and a comfortable place to sit.

6 Tips for Maximizing Your Storage Space in Your Garage
– Buy a wall storage unit for the space available in your garage. This will ensure that the unit does not take up too much space and does not obstruct the movement of cars. – Buy a wall storage unit that has multiple sections and shelves. This will allow you to easily store multiple items such as lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, and power tools. – Buy a wall storage unit that has a sturdy, solid construction. This will ensure that the unit does not fall over while you are using it and that it can withstand the weight of heavy items. – Buy a wall storage unit that is rated for outdoor use. This will ensure that the wall storage unit does not deteriorate from exposure to the elements. – Buy a wall storage unit that is easy to clean. You can use a wall storage unit for various purposes, such as storing items, displaying items, and creating a comfortable seating environment. – Keep your garage clean and tidy. This will ensure that the garage does not become cluttered with items that can obstruct the movement of cars or create a dangerous environment.

Whether you are simply looking for a way to store items like lawn and garden equipment or you are looking to keep your valuable items out of sight, a wall storage unit is a perfect addition to your garage. These units can be installed inside or outside your garage, making them easy to access when needed. They can be purchased in various sizes and styles, allowing you to find the right one for you and your needs.


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