Closet Zone Guarantee

Closet Zone Lifetime Warranty

Improper installation. Every part of our closets is purposely designed and will be ruined by wrong installation. To prevent this, we offer free installation service at the point of delivery.

We provide a lifetime warranty of our products for as long as you own the home where our systems are installed, and as long as those systems remain where our installation team placed them..

Misuse. Using the closets for any other purpose other than intended invalidates our lifetime warranty.

We Stand Behind Our Work

While our products themselves are guaranteed, we do not cover components manufactured by third parties (like lights) or, normal wear and tear (like fading over time, light or smoke exposure).

Accidents or ‘Acts of God’. In the event of uncontrolled accidents or natural disasters, our warranty becomes void.

During the design process, your design consultant will explain all of the warranty coverage details specific to your location and answer any questions. You will receive a printed copy of the warranty for your files after your installation is complete.

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