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Wardrobe closet is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a closet in their room. It comes with tons of storage space for all your clothes and accessories.

Design Your Dream Wardrobe Closets

You can use a custom wardrobe closet to add extra storage to rooms without closets. It features hanging spaces, drawers, shelves, cubbies, and more.

These closet organizers can be created in any size or style to suit your needs and home. You can use them to store items if you don’t have closets.

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How We Plan Your Custom Wardrobe Closets

Cabinetry Systems

The beauty of wardrobe cabinet systems is that they enable you to create a Shaker, Manhattan, or Revere-style door and drawer front that looks like a piece of furniture once finished. The materials and finishes available as well as architectural moldings create any look and feel for the wardrobe closet that you want.

Aesthetics of Wardrobe

These cabinets are excellent at disguising their contemporary design with various other styles, themes, and motifs. The glass shelving and mirrored door inserts make your room look like a Hollywood starlet. You may use stunning wood finishes and decorative mouldings in addition to the usual ones.

Versatility of Wardrobes

A wardrobe closet combines the storage and organization abilities of a reach-in unit while offering the flexibility of a wardrobe cabinet. Because of the shortage of space and the need for style, these furniture-looking built-in units are frequently utilized.

Wardrobe Closet Sizes

You may need to choose a wall height or a closet height that leaves you with enough space, but these closets have some interesting ideas for using the space horizontally and vertically.

Wardrobe Storage Needs

The user and their storage needs are the only ones who can set up the wardrobe the way they want. Some people are particular about what they purchase and keep in their wardrobe, whereas other individuals only preserve seasonal things, and others plan to group everything together. By examining what parts you'll need for each part, you can learn what you need to build.

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We would like to offer you a free in-home consultation or a video chat to learn more about your custom closet project and how we work.



We'll provide a 3D model of walk-in closet and an estimate for the cost before we start manufacturing.



Using the finest materials sourced right here in the United States and, we create each closet design.



Sit back and watch our professionals take over your dreamed walk-in closet installation.


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We have over 21 years of experience in the industry and can provide you with a closet system that is perfect for your needs.

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We offer unique design solutions that will perfectly suit your needs.

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We use high-quality custom closet materials and craftmanship, and stand behind every system we design and manufacture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wardrobe closets can be a great storage option for your home, particularly for smaller homes and apartments. Wardrobe closets can vary widely in price, ranging from $3,000 to $7,000. When considering the purchase of a wardrobe closet, it is essential to factor in the size of the closet, the type of closet, and the desired features.

The size of the wardrobe closet will determine how much clothing and other items can be stored. The type of wardrobe closet will impact its overall appearance and functionality. And finally, the desired features will impact both the price and the usability of the wardrobe closet. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can ensure that you purchase the perfect wardrobe closet for your home.

When it comes to picking the right wardrobe for your room, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to decide what style you prefer and what works with your home décor. Do you want a classic, elegant look, or do you prefer a more modern style? Second, you need to think about your wardrobe needs. Do you need to store a lot of clothes in your wardrobe? Would you like to store accessories and bulkier items like coats as well?  Third, you need to think about the budget you have for a wardrobe closet.  And finally, you need to think about your room’s size and layout. Do you have a lot of space, or is your space? Once you can answer all of these questions, you’re ready to start designing your wardrobe.

  • Choose Your Style
    When it comes to picking the right wardrobe for your room, the first thing you need to decide on is the style you prefer. There are a lot of different options to choose from, and we can show you all the possibilities. Once you know what kind of style you prefer, you can start looking at different types of wardrobes. You can pick a corner wardrobe, a wall wardrobe, a freestanding wardrobe, or a built-in wardrobe, depending on your needs and your budget. You can also pick a wardrobe with shelves, a wardrobe with drawers, or a walk-in wardrobe, depending if you have limited space or not. And most importantly, you can also pick a style you love!
  • Decide What You Need Given the Space You Have
    A few tips for picking the right wardrobe for your needs. In general, you need a corner wardrobe for a small bedroom, a wall wardrobe for a large bedroom, a freestanding wardrobe for a medium-sized or large bedroom, and a built-in wardrobe for a smaller bedroom. Once you decide on the right wardrobe type, you can start looking at different types of wardrobe cabinets. Wardrobe cabinets can have sliding doors, a raised panel wardrobe, a full-height wardrobe, a hanging wardrobe, or a concealed wardrobe, depending on your needs and your budget.
  • Think About Your Wardrobe Needs
    When picking the best wardrobe for your room, you also need to think about the wardrobe you have.  Do you have a mix of casual, work and dressier clothes or do most of your clothes and accessories fall into one or two of these categories? Thinking about your daily activities is also important in figuring out your wardrobe needs.  What do you do the most? What are your typical activities?
  • Consider Your Budget
    When it comes to picking the best wardrobe for your room, you also need to think about your budget. There are a lot of different types of wardrobes – the style, materials, storage options and hardware all factor into the cost. So, determining your budget before you start looking at wardrobe options is key.
  • Think About Your Room’s Layout and Size
    Now you are ready to think about your room’s layout and size. Is your room mostly a space for sleeping, or does it also have a desk and a seating area? Do you have enough space for a wardrobe that meets your needs?

When it comes to wardrobe design, there are a lot of different options available to you. You can choose to go with a classic, more conservative wardrobe design or choose a bold, modern style. There are a lot of different options available to you, and we can help you choose the style of wardrobe design that’s right for you.  Below is an overview of the different types of wardrobes you can consider.

  • Classic Wardrobe Design
    A classic wardrobe design is what many people think of when they think of wardrobe design. This is probably the most common type of wardrobe design you will come across. The classic wardrobe design is one that relies on neutral colors, mostly black and gray, with a few pops of color and classic accessories. It’s a wardrobe design that will work for most people and can be created at a pretty reasonable cost. Classic and conservative wardrobe designs are timeless and will always look stylish.
  • Modern Wardrobe Design
    A modern wardrobe design has a futuristic look to it.  It’s usually bright and colorful and includes a variety of materials which impacts the cost of this option – making it more expensive than a classic wardrobe.
  • Tailored Wardrobe Design
    A tailored wardrobe features a very classic look and features a lot of black, mostly with a few touches of gray. Tailored wardrobes have a classic look but with a more up-scale finish to them than a classic wardrobe.  
  • Bold Wardrobe Design
    A bold wardrobe design is a wardrobe design that has a lot of bright and vivid colors and patterns. This design option is eye-catching but more expensive given the materials and finishes used.

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