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Would you loathe doing the laundry? Are you sick of the tall piles of laundry in your laundry room because it looks so messy? Closet Zone Laundry Closet can give your laundry room a new appearance by helping you organize materials in an orderly way while also organizing your clothes.

Our unique storage system lets you systematically sort your clothes while controlling your materials.

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How We Plan Your Custom For Laundry Room

Laundry Accessories

A laundry room is made efficient by having a wide variety of choices. Having everything organized correctly can simplify your laundry routine, freeing up more time for the things you enjoy.

Cabinet Finishes

The art is in the small things. During your home design session, your designer will demonstrate our decorations, finishes, and accessories. You will also learn how to make your entertainment look even better.

Design A Laundry Room

We can design a budget-friendly laundry room design that matches your unique needs by collaborating with you throughout our design process. We offer everything from stained and painted wood to door inserts with chalkboard and crown moulding to add character and functionality to the laundry room.

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Our design specialists are prepared to assist you in transforming your laundry room into the area you have always wanted. We offer an array of storage solutions, including extra-large laundry room cabinets, shelving, pull-out ironing boards, and built-in hampers, that may be installed in any space.

Laundry Room Parts & Features

Our custom laundry room storage systems are built to last for a long time and have high-quality parts and features.

Our Process



We would like to offer you a free in-home consultation or a video chat to learn more about your custom closet project and how we work.



We'll provide a 3D model of walk-in closet and an estimate for the cost before we start manufacturing.



Using the finest materials sourced right here in the United States and, we create each closet design.



Sit back and watch our professionals take over your dreamed walk-in closet installation.


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That means easy, affordable, and flexible—whether you’re furnishing your home office or your business.

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We manufacture all our walk-in closets in the United States to maintain the high American standard of quality, to keep jobs, to keep up with the high delivery standards, and to keep costs down.

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We have over 21 years of experience in the industry and can provide you with a closet system that is perfect for your needs.

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We offer unique design solutions that will perfectly suit your needs.

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We are excited to keep providing the best of service to our 5000+ previous clients who have left five-star reviews!

High Quality Material Standards

We use high-quality custom closet materials and craftmanship, and stand behind every system we design and manufacture.

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We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, and we always strive for customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of laundry room installation varies based on the size of the room, the type of cabinets, flooring, countertop, and counter, as well as any extras like a laundry sink. The cost of a laundry room, for example, will also vary based on where it is positioned within your house. You might have to spend more to install a laundry room on a higher level of your home if you want it to match the look of your other rooms.

A laundry room extension costing $2,000 is usually sufficient to upgrade the quality of your laundry room. In this small area, storage cabinets and possibly a modest amount of countertops are likely to be added. The flooring, either plain or functional, may remain in place or be replaced by simple, utilitarian flooring.

A small laundry room can function as long as there is sufficient space to move around. You can install a washer, dryer, and laundry sink in an area of 42 square feet (6ft x 7ft). Space-saving solutions such as narrow cabinets and pull-out laundry baskets can also be added.
In general, people spend $7,000 to remodel a laundry room with mid-range cabinets, a laminate countertop, and front-loading appliances, costing $4,000 to $12,000. For a 35-sq.-foot laundry room with no counter, upper cabinets, and side-by-side appliances, the price is $2,000. For a 35-sq.-foot laundry room with stock upper cabinets, no counter, and side-by-side appliances, the price is $2,000. The most expensive laundry room is 15,000 for a 50-sq.-foot laundry room with custom cabinets, quartz countertops, wood flooring, and stackable front.

The value of your home might increase by thousands of dollars if you add a laundry room. However, laundry rooms vary in terms of value, depending on a number of factors, including how recently you remodeled, how popular laundry rooms are in your area, the size of the space, and the quality of your laundry room. In addition, the age of a laundry room and the condition of the space can also affect its value.

A recently remodeled laundry room with a sink and adequate storage space will be more valuable than a laundry room that hasn’t been recently renovated and has just enough space for a washing machine and dryer.

The high variability of potential returns on investment for a new or remodeled laundry room makes it difficult to calculate. In general, you’ll achieve the highest ROI if you remodel and then sell your home within a year, and you can expect an ROI between 67% and 91% if your laundry room is completed to a high standard.

The high variability of potential returns on investment for a new or remodeled laundry room makes it difficult to calculate. In general, you’ll achieve the highest ROI if you remodel and then sell your home within a year, and you can expect an ROI between 67% and 91% if your laundry room is completed to a high standard.

There are a few things to consider when deciding how high to hang your laundry room cabinets.

First, think about how tall you are and how comfortable you will be reaching up to grab items from the cabinets. If you are taller, you may want to hang them higher so that you don’t have to stoop down too much.

Second, consider what will be stored in the cabinets and how often you will need to access it. If you plan on storing items that you use frequently, you’ll want to make sure they are within easy reach.

Finally, take into account the overall design of your laundry room and make sure the placement of the cabinets doesn’t make the space feel cramped or cluttered.


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