Custom Closets 101: Custom Closets Ideas to Maximize Storage

Custom closets are an ideal way to maximize storage and organize your space. With a custom closet design, you have the flexibility to configure your closet according to your needs, using a combination of shelves, drawers, racks, and other components to ensure your belongings are organized and easily accessible. Not only will a custom closet help you stay organized, but it can also add a touch of style and sophistication to your home. You can choose from several beautiful custom closet ideas. Consider these custom closet ideas and trends for your brand-new custom closet system.

Custom Closet Design Ideas

white walk in closet design
Closet Ideas

Start with your needs

Organize everything that isn’t working well and write it down. Once you understand a problem, it is easier to work on solving it.

You are supposed to store what items. Depending on how much space you have, this will depend. The question is, are you shoe-obsessed, and do you need racks for your footwear collection? Do you have a lot of long dresses and skirts that will need a taller space? Do you need many shallow drawers for accessories such as earrings, scarves, and sunglasses? What about handbags? By grouping items by type or shape, you will know which storage features you need.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Before you have finalized the list of needs, you should pare down your closet. Donate any items that you no longer wear.

Your closet may even be filled with the wrong things. By knowing what you’re keeping in your closet, you’ll have a better idea of how compact your storage space is.

His and Hers

When you share your closet or dressing room, make it accessible to both genders. Similarly, most men would not enjoy feminine floral patterns, just like women would not want a sports-themed closet.

Set aside each member of your couple. This will allow both of you to get everything you need more quickly. Men are most often focused on efficiency, not necessarily display.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Closets?

custom closet ideas
Creative Ideas

Custom closets offer a few advantages:

  • You will get organized

It can be stressful to deal with clutter and mess. Even more stressful is not knowing where something is and frantically searching the house when you’re late. This problem can be resolved through the organization of custom closets. Organize your closet with these tips.

  • Custom closets and storage solutions will fit your needs

Custom closets are the best way to create custom solutions that fit your needs, space, and environment. With your purchase, you receive precisely what you wanted and even great solutions you didn’t realize you could ask for!

How To Plan A Walk-in Closet?

luxurious walk in closet with wooden floor and an island
Custom Walk-in Closet

Consider everything you want to store in your closet before you draw up design options. Consider how you want it to store those items.

It is important to understand everything you want to store, as well as how you want all of them to be stored. Decide how much space you need to put into each storage section based on the size of the items that will be stored.

Take Measurements Of Your Room

You will need to gather the dimensions of the room and draw up a floor plan. It is important to note where doors and windows are located if anything else is on the floor, walls, or ceiling, as well as outlets, light switches, and air vents. When you’ve already built everything, there are no surprises.

Keep in mind how high you can comfortably reach when planning your built-ins when deciding where to store your most valuable items.


Additionally, adding hardware to your custom closet idea can add considerable cost. You can hide what you have in drawers, but they can be very expensive, such as door hinges, drawer pulls, or knobs. A store with open shelves would be cheaper than adding drawers.

Best Custom Closet Lighting Ideas

You might think that picking your outfit of the day from your closet is easy enough. We can tell you, it will feel like blind if you have a completely dark closet. This problem can be resolved with the proper closet light fixture.

Light fixtures used in closets include track lighting, strip lights, and recessed lighting. These three are only a tiny portion of the many options you can consider when choosing your closet light fixture.

LED lights are popular for a reason because of their efficiency and utility, even in small spaces like the closet. The technology uses LED technology because it is so convenient. If you have a large or small closet, make sure you purchase the LED lights you need to install.

Light strips are also an excellent option for your closet lighting, since they have a compact structure, making them easy to light up small spaces, like closets. Lights can be installed by using a strong adhesive and putting them on the insides of the wall.

Closet Island Ideas

You would love to have a walk-in wardrobe, especially if you enjoy fashion and style in your custom closet ideas. When you have an organized closet, you can find everything you need for the day, including clothes, shoes, and accessories. In addition, having an island at the center of your walk-in closet can make it more luxurious.

Close islands are considered to be high-end storage options in your home. The idea of installing a closet island can give you more storage while increasing the value of your house once resale is considered.

Lighting on Closet Island

a dark wooden walk in closet with an island
Walk-in Closet Island

You don’t forget about lighting once it is installed on the closet island. Lighting up your closet island can improve your storage and storage spaces while creating a beautiful view of your items.

At the inside or beneath the countertop of the closet island cabinets, install low-voltage LED lighting.


white drawer with several organizers inside
More Storage With Drawers

With drawers, you can enhance the functionality of your closet island and enable you to store your materials more efficiently. It is one of those great additions that can save you the hassle of purchasing a dresser for your bedroom, whether you are choosing a closet island with 1 or 3 drawers.



Cabinet island countertops are critical for outfit planning, folding, and packing. Alternatively, you can use it for aesthetics by selecting elegant materials, from granite to quartz. If you want other options, you can also shop for wood and glass.

What Color To Paint a Closet?​

What color paint will make a closet better? When you select the right color and sheen, your closet will not only look gorgeous, but your home will look gorgeous once again.

You Can Choose Colors That Appear Light and Neutral

is why we recommend choosing a bright, neutral shade such as white, off-white, eggshell white, gray, beige, or tan.

Colors like these will work with almost any color scheme, making it easier to reflect light so you can see more comfortably inside the closet.

Dark And Intense Colors

The colors of dark can be used as a backdrop and can be found in some closets. You can paint light-filled closets with dark colors to add sophistication and personality.

Navy blue, natural browns, and steel gray are recommended since these colors enhance any roomy closet and are also elegant.

dark walk-in closet with empty shelves and racks
Elegant Look to Your Closet

Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing a Custom Closet

Can you count how many custom closets you have built in your life?

Have your builder or remodeler designed hundreds of custom closets during their history?

If you are not alone here, answer no to these questions. The niche business of closet design is niche. This isn’t something average homeowners do every day. In this instance, it is quite possible that you or your builder have problems with your custom closet design, whether for your master bedroom, a guest room, or a vacation home.

Is there anything wrong with these problems? Here are a few mistakes you might make.


Above The Top Shelf, You Have A Lot Of Dead Space

If you ask us what mistakes you see in custom closets, it’s the dead space. Even in million-dollar homes, we’ve seen this mistake repeated. You are probably experiencing dead space when you see top shelves 24 inches or more from the ceiling of the closet. You can put boxes up there and fold clothes, but once you get beyond 12 inches of stackable materials – piles begin to lean or become difficult to access. The solution exists in the form of simple steps.

Your Builder or Remodeler Does Not Use An Adjustable System

If you walk into a closet system made of wood or multi-density fiberboard painted and they have shelves and double hangers, you might think – this would work fine. However, you may not be aware that you are 5’2-inch tall and your husband is 6’1-inch. Putting your clothes in the same spot might not be your only concern. You have your unique mix of clothing, but it can change over time.

Style changes. It is important to change your closet with them.

If you have closet rods at all levels, your custom closet won’t be ready to entertain prime-time guests.

Your Shelves Are Too Deep

Many don’t realize this problem until they compare their closet to a professionally designed unit.

The problem with your shelves is that they are too shallow.

Since 12-inch shelves are the cheapest, some closet manufacturers use this system. A 4-inch wood or laminate board is cut into four equal pieces. Cheap wires can scratch your sweater.

If you stack larger t-shirts and longer shoes, 12-inch shelving will work fine.

white closet with open doors and tin baskets
Ideal Closet Depth

How to Choose a Custom Closet Design Company?

It’s so arrogant for designers and contractors to work. It’s all about their 4-month lead time! Since they will not give you a price until you pay for a design, they won’t give you anything. You are literally waiting for them, waiting for a call to return.

Is it possible for me to find a custom closet company that is honest, doesn’t lie about lead times, provides a full price, and will give me a written proposal and design without having to buy today? And most importantly, how do you choose a custom closet company that is affordable, one that won’t waste your time?

If you want a custom closet company that will build on time, on budget, and create a design that will enhance your space, we recommend you focus on one word, COMMUNICATION.

This custom closet manufacturer is a great communicator who can provide you with the information you need when you need it. They save time and money but don’t waste your time.

You may wonder, however, how you differentiate the best from the worst communicators. What can I do to avoid a tedious process that doesn’t work well and costs too much? Here are some key factors you must consider when choosing a custom closet company.

Get A Price Estimate Before A Sales Appointment

Getting excited about a project only to find out it costs twice as much as you can afford isn’t the worst. It’s an important point to ask potential closet companies to tell you about the price before starting the design process.

Ask For The Name and Photo Of The Person Who Will Come To Your Home

Make sure someone is safe, and you know what background they have before you let anyone into your home. Therefore, we recommend sending your designer representative a bio and/or picture before inviting them in. Know who you are dealing with.

Read Reviews on The Internet

Reading their reviews online is the key to distinguishing between the good and the bad. The point you want to consider is how companies handle issues once they arise. Is their attitude helpful and responsive?

What is the Average Cost of a Custom Closet?

The cost of creating a custom closet varies widely depending on the size, material, and style of the closet you are looking to create. Generally speaking, a standard reach-in or walk-in closet can range from $1,000 to $5,000, while more elaborate configurations could cost up to $10,000 or more. The most important component in determining your final price is the type of materials used.

For instance, if you opt for solid wood doors and drawers instead of laminate or melamine doors and drawers, your costs will be much higher – sometimes over double that of laminate materials. Similarly, purchasing built-in cabinetry versus affordable shelving systems can increase prices dramatically, with premium solutions costing anywhere from three times as much as an entry-level option.

In addition to these factors, there are always labor and installation costs associated with custom projects – which can further add up based on the complexity of design and installation requirements. A basic rule of thumb for contractors’ fees would be 10% to 20% above materials costs, but this depends on region – some states have higher contractor rates than others, so always ensure you get local quotes before taking estimates too seriously!

Is It Worth Getting a Custom Closet?

It absolutely is worth it to get a custom closet! Custom closets allow you to create tailored storage solutions that maximize your space and utilize every inch in the most efficient manner. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also help make organizing and finding things much easier.

Getting a custom closet ensures that you get exactly what you need and want instead of settling for standard-sized shelves or pre-made units. You can choose exactly how many drawers, shelves, and hanging rods are needed to fit your individual needs—and then customize their style from paint color down to the type of handles on each piece. Plus, adding more space gives greater flexibility when rearranging items years later.

Do Adding Custom Closets Increase Home Value?

Yes, adding custom closets to your home can increase its value. This is because they offer a great way to maximize storage space and provide an element of sophistication that potential buyers look for in a home. Custom closets can help create an organization, allowing people to easily access the items they need quickly without rummaging through cluttered rooms or drawers.

Custom closets also add a sense of luxury and class and provide potential buyers with the feeling that their storage needs are taken care of by existing custom-built solutions. With ample storage capacity comes peace of mind; this is especially important for those looking at buying an older house that often has little or no closet space. The presence of brand-new custom closets would be particularly appealing when selling an older home as it shows off the effort taken into making upgrades and taking care of necessary repairs.

In addition, the materials used for building custom closets typically have higher quality than pre-fabricated systems found in most stores, giving off more prestige and perceivable value when observed by other eyes – such as from prospective buyers during inspections or open houses.

How Do You Layout a Custom Closet?

Custom closets are becoming more popular and can be an excellent way to maximize the storage capacity of your existing closet space.

When laying out a custom closet, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for and the shape and size of your closet. Begin by measuring the width and depth of each wall in your closet so that you know how much space is available for hanging items, shelves, drawers or other storage solutions. Consider which type of solutions will fit best with the measurements that have been taken – taking into account any obstacles such as sloping ceilings or air ducts. Also, take into account which directions doors will open to maximize their functionality within their location in the custom closet layout.